What is alternatives of photoshop for photo editing


I can not subscribe photoshop so what is the photo editing software to edit similar to photoshop?

Photoshop is little easy and I have tried GIMP but it took me very long time to start doing. I am still can not edit photo in GIMP.


This might warrant an entire post in resources which I might work on, but personally, I really like Krita. I have only ever used it on Linux with KDE, which it integrates really well with but now I’m intrigued and am gonna install it on my Windows machine at home.

I agree with you that GIMP is virtually unusable. I know some people swear by it but I think it’s complete garbage.

If you’re on a Mac, you can get Pixelmator for about $30 USD and it’s pretty good too, but it’s hard to compete with Photoshop.


I don’t particularly agree with that statement, as someone who had been editing with GIMP for years. All I do is make use of the Levels or Curves setting to get the colours right, if that’s what you’re trying to do, or are you aiming to do more advanced things with the photos you’re working with.


It’s definitely subjective, but I just have a really hard time with GIMP’s interface. It feels clunky to me.


Well, I can tell you right now that I’ve been a user of it for thirteen years. No major problems whatsoever.

Although, I do have once gripe with it which is that now by default, you can only save images as some obscure .XCF format. That was then I learned that you can export your image into the more familiar types. Why that change was implemented, I don’t know, but got used to it anyway.


Truth be told, I haven’t given it a real shot in several years. Maybe it’s worth installing it again just to see where it is now. Things do have a tendency to change fairly quickly in the Open Source world.

Is GIMP all you use for post processing? Does it handle RAW?


I don’t know, but I never cared for RAW anyway. Just ordinary JPEGs will do me fine.


Surprising. The white balance is spot on in your shots, figured you were using RAW for sure.


I use Digikam for my photo management and then Krita for the touch-ups


I think there are many limited software to edit photo. As we all see photoshop is everywhere.

I see many graphic websites have vector and photo category and all support adobe.

There are few software but this time I am only using inkscape for vector art, banner, logo, icons…


I’ve used inkscape, it’s pretty good. Not anywhere near Illustrator IMHO though.


Funny, I prefer it over Illustrator. Granted, I don’t use it as much though. Only for cheap logo work :stuck_out_tongue:


Anything in particular you like about it, or just in general?


I felt it was more user-friendly and, it seemed more flexible than Illustrator. Can’t really explain precisely as to how but yeah, I like it better anyway :stuck_out_tongue: