Weekly Challenge: "Loud!"



This week’s challenge is to capture … … … … LOUD

You have until 11:59AM Central US Time on Friday November 16th to add your submission!
For more information on the Weekly challenges check out this thread.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

The winner was chosen!

As tough as it was, I chose @Jeff_B as the winner. He captured “LOUD” so well with his heavy metal photo.

Thank you, everyone, for participating!


Well, the first challenge and I had to already use a photo from the archives, but it’s all for fun anyways.

Also, I picked a photo that doesn’t really fit that well. The reason I chose it is because 1.) that waterfall was really loud and two, I did a fresh edit full of saturation making the colors really loud too.

I know I can’t win, because I’m the judge and all but I still wanted to submit a photo!

Thank’s to all that participate!



Not the best photo but I’m currently House bound after “pulling my back” and I loved the light on the wall this alarm clock projects.


Sorry about your back =/ I have serious back problems too, so I know how you feel right now.

As far as the picture goes, I love it. So much texture!


I had an MRI and i’ve got 2 “slipped discs” pressing on the left nerves

I thought so too
I came back 2min later with a real camera and it didn’t look the same
so it was just luck


Oof, that’s rough.

That’s happened to me a ton of times.


Well, as @Daniel knows, I only deal in “loud” photos. Here is my submission…Daniel Winter-Bates of the British metal band, Bury Tomorrow


Damn that’s awesome. Glad to see you here, hope it’s fun for you and you and we see you around!


Thanks brother, glad you like it! 99% of the photography I do is concert photography, and then 99% of that is heavy metal.

This is Tamino from EXA, a thrash metal band from Berlin.


I follow you on Instagram and I love your photos. It’s all stuff that I could never do. Low light action photos are impossible for me.


Well, I’m glad you enjoy them. It’s not easy work and it’s taken a lot of practice. Upgrading to a better camera has certainly helped. Right now I’m using a Nikon D5200 with a 35mm f/1.8 prime lens and the kit lens (18-55mm f/3.5-5.6). The 18-55mm is not optimal, but I make it work.


I started out with a 3200 with that same lens. I loved it honestly. I also have the 18-55 now which works for me. I usually shoot at f11+ though.