Weekly Challenge: "Free-for-all"



This week’s challenge has NO THEME! Post whatever you like! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

You have until 11:59AM Central US Time on Friday November 30th to add your submission!

For more information on the Weekly challenges check out this thread.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with, and good luck, have fun!

This week I chose @Splat’s photo!! Congrats, I just really loved the little cove that you found, and how you framed the stream in the trees. Excellent shot!


As usual, here is my submission! This by far isn’t my favorite photograph, but it is the first one from this winter that I really liked.

That’s a shipping freighter out on Lake Superior, and it’s SO FREAKING COLD!


Just took this a few days ago, on a wee walk somewhere :slight_smile:


That is an awesome shot! I love the colors!


That is so pretty - I love the clouds and the light reflecting off the water… and that freighter looks so small!


I took this today on a hike from a small bridge over an aqueduct. Turned out nice!


Thanks very much. I like it myself :smiley:


Damn both of those are so awesome! @Bryn yours has so much color, what did you do in post to get that much saturation?

@Splat That place is so freaking cool. Is it a common place or a little hideaway that you found?


Little trail I found yesterday. I didn’t want to get too crazy because… there are snakes and no people around.


All of thr shots so far are awesome! So far my favorite is from @Splat. The rushing water is framed wonderfully by the trees.


My daughter Abby, lying on the couch watching TV.


Thanks for the submission @Jeff_B! What an awesome shot, love the warm light it makes the photo look so personal.



All I did was make use of the histogram. Nothing too special :wink:


Welp, count me out…


Yeah - Just the Eastern Brown (#2 most deadly in the world) and the Tiger (#6 most deadly in the world). I was out there wearing shorts and had no walking stick so I really was not prepared.


OMG! Those are really nice pictures. I do not think you guys left a chance for a competition. However, here is a portrait of my nephew.


This picture is so awesome! So much character!