Weekly Challenge: "Contrast"



This week’s challenge is to capture … … … … CONTRAST

I decided to take it back to the basics, but this can be any sort of contrast. Here are some examples from @Bryn that show good use of traditional contrast that he posted in this thread.

If you want to get a little more artistic, that’s cool too! Here’s a good example from @GnuSnapper where he showed the contrast between night and day in this thread.

You have until 11:59AM Central US Time on Friday November 23d to add your submission!

For more information on the Weekly challenges check out this thread.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with, and good luck, have fun!

Congratulations @Bryn, your photo was selected! Look forward to seeing some more of your work!



My entry!

Even though I’m the judge for now and can’t win, I still like to submit a photo! Let me know what you all think!


Just took this three days ago when I was out :slight_smile:


ooh that’s a good one. I havne’t ever been able to catch god rays like that before. Tried and failed many times!


You just need to be lucky, that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I’ll keep watching. I already have a composition planned out, just have to wait for the weather.



That is awesome @Splat. Contrast in a couple of different ways.


Thanks! Had some fun with this one!




@Splat That photo of lunches is cool af. the symmetry is so satisfying!


Thanks! I was really exploring contrast this week trying things outside of my normal nature shots and I really liked this one!


Yeah it turned out really cool. Funny how that happens sometimes.