Some of my photos


As someone who had done photography for so many years, I will showcase some of my works, from the past year. Enjoy after the jump :slight_smile:


Wow, some awesome photos there! I really like your range. I have found that a lot of my photos end up kind of looking the same, and you have photos ranging from the artistic sky ones to the detailed macro water droplets.

Overall, really nice photos!


Yes, I like to take shots of many things. Call me versatile :wink:


Do you have a macro lens or something that you use for the things like water droplets?


No… I don’t have one actually. I just made use of the Macro setting of the camera itself :slight_smile:


I really had a good run of macro stuff for a while. I ended up buying one of these and a flash that went on the lens. Pretty cheap and got me some pretty cool shots. Will have to dig out the old backup drive and see if there are still any around.


Like your work…really nice


Thanks very much :slight_smile: And now, I happen to have some more to show… demonstrating the power of the Shade white balance where colour appears more defined.

And, saving the best for last…


Weekly Challenge: "Contrast"

I really like the one of the leaves on the pavement. It’s a cool contrast. Also, that puppers is too cute lol.


@Bryn would it be okay if I posted a couple of photos to the fstomp Instagram, if so do you have a handle I could tag you at, if not no biggie.


I’m not a user of Instagram, sorry (but you can still credit me anyway regardless).


@Bryn what camera do you use…


Okay, thank you :slight_smile:

@pixloger he talks about it in his intro post :slight_smile: Hello there, I take pictures


Canon EOS 1000D, just to mention it again :wink: