Planned Changes


Known Issues

Right now there are just a couple of issues with the site that I’m aware of.

  • There are hard-coded limits for new users. and I haven’t figured out how to change them yet.

Upcoming improvements

  • Photo galleries. Currently, members can add photos just fine, but particularly when people want to add several photos, there’s no good way to organize them. I’m working on a way to add galleries so that users can share several photos without having a super long post for people to scroll through.
  • The rest of the website. Right now it’s just the community forum. I’m not exactly sure what I want the rest of the website to be yet and am hoping on some input from some of the more active members here in the future. I have some ideas that include news/reviews type of content, or member portfolios, but haven’t given it much thought. The community is my priority as of right now.
  • Improve Badges. There is a badge system that we can make use of, and I would like to come up with a couple of cool ones for people to earn. I have some ideas, but suggestions are welcome.

This will work as a living post, and I will update it as things change. Feel free to create a thread in site feedback or reply here if you have ideas or run into issues.
As I make changes, I will remove them from here and add them to the Changelog thread.

FStomp Changelog


Oh, I look-forward to galleries :camera_flash:


Was working on this again today. Since there’s interest, I’ll prioritize this.