Is there a style or effect that you can't stand?



I was just looking through Instagram and I absolutely hate the selective coloring effect that people do.

Here’s an example:

This isn’t the worst of all that I have seen. Mostly it’s some beautiful woman’s wildly over-saturated blue eyes.

I don’t know what it is about this technique that drives me bonkers, but it’s likely that I just think it’s overdone.

And before somebody calls me on it, I will admit when I first got into photography I did it too :frowning:

So, what are your pet peeves when you are looking at other peoples work?


Anything that gives me the impression that the photographer knows nothing about photograph at all, like if the shot was just done “point-and-click”, no techniques or even knowing about the rule of thirds whatsoever. Also, half the crap you see on Instagram with all these obnoxious filters used, just to make things appear more “artsy” to the eye of the hipster.

By the way, I quite liked that first shot. Better than the second posted anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I have come to terms with the overproccessed look, mainly because I see it everywhere. I do make it a point not to follow people that excessively post photos like that.

Ouch, shots fired. :stuck_out_tongue: I understand though, I intentionally chose one that was done well as my example because it’s not always bad.


ah yes, the spice must flow!!!

but seriously I hate that effect too