Hey, this is Luay, aka "Varmint"


Hey all,
First all, just the idea of introducing myself stresses me out. However, my name is Luay from Iraq, Middle-East. I am a senior student majoring in IT, and kind of lost in it. I do not go out that much, and I stay up late most of nights playing video games on PS4.
I mostly take photos on my Nexus 6p. I know it is an old device, but it has a not bad camera. I started taking photos in 2012 and have been uploading them on Instagram since then.
I am happy to be here around!! Oh! and my close friends call my Varmint because its my PSN name in there.

Thank you,


Cool! I’m an IT guy, cool to have another techie around.

Anything works!

Glad to have you! Looking forward to seeing more!


Welcome aboard. Enjoy your time here :slight_smile: