Hello there, I take pictures


Nice to see a photography-based forum around… first time I’ve seen anything like it :slight_smile: Anyway, I am Bryan, 29 years of age, from Glasgow up in Scotland and been into photography for eleven years now. Proud owner of a Canon EOS 1000D also :smiley:

I may showcase some of my work here, even though I’ve taken lots since time began :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of my photos

Thanks for joining, and glad to have you. Have you been doing it just as a hobby mostly?


Yes, mostly a hobby, although I did leisure courses and workshops just for me to get better at it. I recently did one on studio photography and that was something different :slight_smile:


It’s a ways away, but I’m also taking a studio photography workshop thing next summer. Looking forward to it, but not sure how into it I’m going to be.

What did you think of it? Something you might spend more time on?


It was alright… had my first ever taste at portraiture which was unnerving at first but got used to it over time. It was a great opportunity to work with pretty females for a while I must admit :wink: I also did some still-life work too which I felt was more my strong point. Despite that, I’d like to do more work with portraiture, maybe this time in an outdoor setting :slight_smile:


I hear that. I think I would do okay technically (clearly, you would do fine also) but it’s the interacting with the subject and trying to make photos work on-the-fly that seems intimidating to me.


Correct. I guess it’s more than telling the subject of where to stand and strike a certain pose :stuck_out_tongue: