Greatings, I'm a geek with a Camera bewarned


Hello there,

I’m Dick, from Sunny Yorkshire, England

I’m mostly taking care of my 1yr old Daughter but this leads to many thousands of Photos
I also Love to take photos of static things, buildings and other things that won’t complain at me taking photos
of them.

Due to life and health my equipment is a lowly Fuji Film S9600 and my Motorola Z2
but it gets me by.

I’m a full-time Linux user, I only boot into windows for Elite Dangerous.
I use Digikam as my photo manager.



Thanks for joining :slight_smile: Glad to see you. Never played elite dangerous before. It must be good if you’re willing to dual boot for that :slight_smile:

S9600 seems like a pretty decent camera, never used one before though. Do you like it?


Thanks :smiley:
I’d rather not dual boot but I have a Warthog HOTAS after finding one for £80 \0/ and It has software that can reprogram it and stuff in a faux C++ code.

Anyway I digress, the camera is really good in light but as soon as it’s a little darker It’s a total fail.
Not sure if this is due to the camera’s age, sensor or owner fault.
I have today downloaded the PDF to review again.

my only other complaint is the lens is fixed :confused: so no whipping it off to stick a new one on.


Another budding photographer… great! :smiley: Welcome in :slight_smile:


I have that same problem, and it’s because of the older sensor in my camera. It’s a common problem with digital cameras that they suck in low light. Not sure if you have manual controls but I would crank the ISO and see what level you can get usable photos at.

Yeah, that’s a bummer. But it’s saving you money on lenses anyways :slight_smile:


Damn, that thing is sick.