FStomp Changelog


This post will cover the history of changes that happen on fstomp.com. If you are interested in seeing what is already planned for the future you can look at the Planned Changes thread.


  • Spam filter is now running again, due to IP addresses now being reported properly.
  • I was able to get the reverse proxy functioning and is now reporting the client IP address properly. This was causing issues with new registrations being blocked.


  • Updated the homepage to just show the latest topics. I’m hoping this will help to increase member contributions to posts.
  • Added tagging to the site. Now new threads have the tagging field near the title. This helps with search engines finding pages and will help people find what they need on the site internally.


Planned Changes

FStomp stand for…
I just want to know, because sometime I can not even recall the address…


It is a play on f-stop which is a common photography term.


I’ve Noticed not even the mighty google can find f stomp or f-stomp :confused:
when I search anyway


It’s a brand new domain, but according to webmaster tools its indexed. I wonder if its correcting to f stop and making it not show up. That would suck.

Edit: nope, looks like google just doesnt line it yet.


Well, looks like google is at least showing results. Here


if i get time (baby permitting) i’ll link from my personal blog etc

google still counts that don’t they ?


Yup, back links are the #1 thing they look at