Does white balance affect battery life?


This is something that had me thinking for a while, as absurd as it may sound. Since recently, for my camera (Canon EOS 1000D), I’ve been mostly using the Shade white balance (for autumnal scenes and such) and I do know that each white balance is measured by colour temperature. With that said, the Shade white balance is at 7000K which is the highest. This makes me wonder… if I keep taking shots with that set all the time, would it drain its battery quicker, as opposed to using a white balance with lower colour temperature? I know that using flash certainly would, but just note sure on this aspect.


Huh, never even thought about any of my camera features consuming battery other than the flash.

My guess would be no, because it’s software that handles it, but working the little CPU in the camera could be battery expensive. I think it warrants an experiment :slight_smile: