An experimental image


This was taken a while back when I was more active with my photography.
it was an experiment to take a photo of the horizon as the sunset and then stitch it back together.
it requires a little more colour correction on some spots but my “photoshop” skills in gimp and Krita are lacking. maybe one day I’ll finish it

I’ve uploaded this image to Google Photos to save the bandwidth and so on
as the original was 18MB+

Weekly Challenge: "Contrast"

That’s a cool photo! It’s a cool idea too, and I’m impressed with how smooth that panoramic is. It’s a bit inspiring, I think I might try something like that too, probably not a panorama though.

Thanks for sharing with us :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, especially the effect going from dark to light. Very unique :smiley:


@GnuSnapper did you take multiple panoramas, or did you take each photo individually and composite them together?


it was many many photos all stitched

I took one vertical row of them every 5min and then moved the camera 1deg to the left.
I used to do it all from what I recall


Damn, you’re full of open source photography software lol.


yup I do love me some opensource :rofl:


If you ever had time, it would be cool to have a thread of open source tools. It’s great for hobbyists or beginners that don’t have or don’t want to spend money on software.


Don’t we all? :sweat_smile: