Weekly Challenge: "Black and White" (10)

This week’s challenge is BLACK AND WHITE! Subject doesn’t matter! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! You have until 11:59AM Central US Time on Friday December 7th to add your submission! For more information on…

Social Accounts! Facebook/instagram/Twitter (9)

I have finally gotten around to creating social accounts for FStomp. It would be incredibly helpful if you guys would go check them out and give them a follow/like if you use that particular social network! Instagram: h…

FStomp Changelog (9)

This post will cover the history of changes that happen on If you are interested in seeing what is already planned for the future you can look at the Planned Changes thread. 11/5/18 Spam filter is now runn…

Planned Changes (4)

Known Issues Right now there are just a couple of issues with the site that I’m aware of. There are hard-coded limits for new users. and I haven’t figured out how to change them yet. Upcoming improvements Photo gall…

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